Skriv ut/Print

The day has passed

Do you see how the moon is rising in the sky?
A silvery light on the horizon
The night has fallen
Wrapped everything in dark
Silence approaches
Over mountains and valleys

Do you see the stars?
There are thousands, glittering in the sky
They are telling ancient tales
Listen, to their beautiful songs
They will carry you into the land of dreams

Do you hear the silence in the woods?
The night breeze that gently touches the birch tops
The owl that passes with silent wings
Darkness rules at night
While you are sleeping

The moonlight reflecting in the waves of the lake
The fish are dreaming
A treasure of silver light
Shimmering in the deep
Sleep now, my beloved child

Dream, about what the new day will bring
Far away the morning star is rising
Sleepiness came over you
And carried you
Into the land of dreams