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The reindeer calf from Badjelánnda*

Far up west in the highlands
Between snow covered mountains
The reindeer calf was born
The doe leads it´s calf
To grazing grounds

The small reindeer calf
It is so splendid and fair
With white legs and bright in its colour
It wanders through valleys
And over high mountains

The mountainsides of the highlands
Lush, splendid with grass
To nourish on
There are no better lands
To dwell and graze

Autumn time and mushroom season
Draw the reindeer calf down the mountains
Into the birch woods
To remain there
All through the long winter time

Digging mosses
Browsing lichens
The reindeer calf grows strong
Someday, like a crown
Big antlers will adorn the calf

Seasons pass, years go by
A proud reindeer
Strutting on the mountain ridge
The calf became
The king of the highlands

*In the northern part of Sweden a certain mountain area is called for “ Badjelánnda”. It is also a national park and included in the world heritage Laponia. Translated it means “Highlands”.